Thursday, October 16, 2008

16,000 lbs. of Clothes

16,000 lbs. of clothes went out from the Peoples City Mission in Lincoln at 10am this morning and the shipment is now headed to our friends in Haiti!

An article from KOLN as well as a news clip on the project is available under "Haiti Related Links."

Oct. 15th Press Release on Clothing Project

For Immediate Release
October 15, 2008

LINCOLN, Neb. – Beginning at 10 a.m. Thursday, October 16, a semi-truck full of children’s clothing will begin a journey from Lincoln to a Haitian orphanage. Lincoln’s Grace Chapel is leading an effort to help children left homeless after four deadly hurricanes ravaged the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere earlier this year. Crete Carrier Corporation will pack a semi-truck with clothing donated by the Peoples City Mission then transported to Kansas City then on to Miami where they will be loaded on a cargo ship bound for Haiti. The clothes will be loaded Thursday at 10 a.m. at the People’s City Mission Distribution Center, 2101 N Street.


Grace Chapel has been sending missions teams to Haiti for the past 4 years, most recently in August right before the first of four deadly hurricanes swept through the country. The storms left Haiti, which was already the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with a death toll in excess of 800 and swept away the homes and possessions of thousands. The Peoples City Mission offered to donate a semi-truck load of clothes to bring to the Haitian orphanages that the team would be serving.

The problem, however, was the cost of getting the clothes shipped from Lincoln to Haiti. The initial estimate of shipping costs exceeded $10,000. C3 Missions International offered to provide half of a shipping container they were loading with relief supplies destined for Haiti. Crete Carrier then agreed to donate the trucking to get the clothes from Lincoln to the shipping container in Kansas City.

The Grace Chapel medical team will be leaving for Haiti on November 7th and consists of 14 members including doctors, nurses, medical students, assistants and a pharmacist. Tax-deductible donations to help cover the expenses of sending a medical team to Haiti can be made to Grace Chapel.

For more information please contact:

Grace Chapel Missions Team - Mike Hsu, 484-8555 ext. 202,

Peoples City Mission - Tom Barber, 475-1303 ext. 108,

Crete Carrier - Brent Brown, Operations Manager, 475-9521,

C3 Missions International - Mike Fox, (816) 550-5990,