Monday, January 25, 2010

Sharon St. Germain Update (Jan. 25th)

Photo taken on day one after quake. This man had block fall on his side. In the back were others injured with one paralyzed. Thus the plea that went out on Sunday, January 17 for medical personal. Upon Pastor Dony's return on January 19, one of these victims died from his injuries because no one got to him in time.

All these homes on this hillside collapsed.

People leaving PAP in large numbers. Cayes has 150,000 refugees.

$10,000 of food bought in DR, loaded on semitruck, and shipped to PAP for $2000.

Food distribution at one site.

Right now (as of Jan. 25th) we have four distribution sites: 1. Carrefour; 2. Cayes; 3. Croix Des Bouquets; and 4. Gonaives.

Food distributed to pastors as they serve their communities.

100 volunteers from Cayes help load food onto truck for distribution.

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow will make it 14 days since this devastating earthquake. The pressure and intensity to get aid to the people have not subsided. Time and resources continue to be our greatest challenges with still not enough food and medical care reaching the people with the greatest need. For example in Les Cayes alone, 150,000 refugees are now there from PAP. Louis wrote on Friday:

"I just talked with some key leaders in the south. The demand is so high and we don't have the means to meet it. The churches are crowded. People came from all over and they don't have anywhere to go. Most of the people, before they left the villages, sold their land and everything. So now they have to start again. Please continue to pray with us. We have so much medical need that a whole month of 100 doctors will not be enough to serve every body. So many people fled PAP with broken bones and severe, life threatening and infected injuries. We have a hospital at Bonne Fin which my father build. It has 300 beds. All of them are occupied and patients are on the floor. We have at Cite Lumiere another Medical Clinic equip with 75 beds. Same story."
Below is an update on the response that has come into the immediate needs mentioned on January 17

1. Containers with Food Supply via the DR- to date, ESMI has sent in 6 food containers and distributed with over 100 Haitian volunteers from the South helping.

2. Food Containers from the US- We have a container that will be ready to leave by this Wednesday from Miami to the DR. God's willing, it should be in Haiti early next week.

3. Medical Team- 47 nurses and doctors are currently in Haiti. Thanks to Lisa, Susie, Julie and Fabiana (of Spanish River Church in Boca Raton, Fl) for coordinating this. They have medical teams lined up to go in and out up to the end of February. Please contact if you would like to be a part of a medical team.

4. Tents for Churches and homes- Thanks to Brother Ed (of Spanish River Church in Boca Raton, Fl) who secured forty-five 10x12ft tents that can each house a family of 10 people. God's willing, these will be shipped by Wednesday to the DR and should be cleared by the end of this week to be given to the families most in need.

As ESMI continues to work on the above 4 needs, we will also begin to do the following:

5. ESMI has identified 400 pastors to begin a more intentional network of food distribution. On Wednesday, January 27, ESMI's leadership team will meet with these pastors in PAP. It is important that these leaders be empowered also to participate in the effort. This is a work that cannot be done alone. It is bigger than any one church or any one organization. With a unified effort, the church in Haiti can help meet the needs of her people.

6. There is the need for 3 huge tents to hold congregations with 2000 members. Most of the churches in PAP were destroyed. The congregations are in the streets. ESMI has identified 3 locations with key leaders for these.The desire is to encourage and rebuild the spiritual life of the Haitian church. What a wonderful opportunity to share the good news that in the midst of such hopelessness, there is hope in God.

7. Containers to be packed with tents, cots, sheets, blankets, food for immediate consumption, etc. God's willing, the ports in Haiti should be opening up in a week. Ed has graciously agreed to offer his time to coordinating this effort. Please contact Ed at 1-561-988-0253. He will also assist in the coordinating efforts of the food containers from Miami.

8. Pray that by the end of this week ESMI would have secured a piece of land for temporary housing.

9. There is a need for about 6 Mack dump trucks. Once the food gets to PAP on containers, it must be reloaded onto dump trucks for distribution into the different areas of need. This is the best way to get the food out into those communities. Later these trucks will be used in clearing debris and bringing in construction material. Why Mack dump trucks? They are long-lasting trucks and the parts are easily available. There are excellent mechanics, like DouDou, who can make anything go as long as they have the parts available. To have piles of food and no means to get them to the people is a dilemma that the international aid community is now facing.

El Shaddai Ministries International, Inc. is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Non-Profit Religious Organization. Contributions can be sent to:

re: Haiti Earthquake Relief
13651 S. Biscayne River Drive
Miami, FL 33161

ESMI Food Containers

El Shaddai Ministries International needs for us to continue sending funds. Every $12,000 raised ($10,000 for food and $2000 for transport) goes towards the filling and then transport (from the DR to Haiti) of a 20ft. container supplying food for consumption: biscuits, chips, sardines, tuna sandwich mix, canned sausage, bottles of water, malta drink, Boost, evaporated milk, cereal, rice, black beans, red beans, oil, canned meat, spaghetti, enriched fine yellow cornmeal, bulgar wheat, baked beans, canned soup, tomato paste, salt, sugar, black pepper, food seasoning, and spices.

As quickly as funds come in, teams are in place to do the purchasing and packing.

Send checks to:

re: Haiti Earthquake Relief
13651 S. Biscayne River Dr.
Miami, Fl 33161
Online Giving Option

Checks can also be made to Grace Chapel, and we are happy to send all funds to ESMI on your behalf:

Grace Chapel
re: Haiti Earthquake Relief
4000 Sheridan Blvd.
Lincoln, NE 68506
Contact Pastor Mike Hsu with Questions

Pictures of the Distribution Efforts:

$10,000 of food bought in DR, loaded on semitruck, and shipped to PAP for $2000.

Food distribution at one site.

Right now (as of Jan. 25th) we have four distribution sites: 1. Carrefour; 2. Cayes; 3. Croix Des Bouquets; and 4. Gonaives.

Food distributed to pastors as they serve their communities.

100 volunteers from Cayes help load food onto truck for distribution.

Haiti Earthquakes Relief

People have been asking, “how can I help?” Here are some options:

El Shaddai Ministries International. ESMI is a ministry led by Dony, Louis and Sharon St. Germain, headquartered in Southern Haiti in the region of Les Cayes. This is a way of giving to the Haitian locals of ESMI who know the needs of their people.

Great Commission Alliance. Gene Summerlin, Trey Summerlin, Mike Hsu and Chris Tran worked with GCA in Feb. to help with distribution efforts in Mirebalais. Mirebalais is a town located 45 minutes outside of PaP, recently having grown from 200,000 to 300,000 people due to refugees coming from PaP. GCA spent ten years doing ministry in Southern Haiti in partnership with ESMI. A few months before the earthquakes, they received a new ministry direction to Central Haiti in Mirebalais.

Nebraska Global Orphan Project. NGOP is a Christ-centered organization well-connected with local Haitian networks.... partners of the NGOP have established a transitional village for orphaned and displaced children in Croix de Bouquets, a small village just outside of Port Au Prince. Gene Summerlin, Trey Summerlin, Mike Hsu and Chris Tran spent some time at the transitional village in Feb. while they were in Haiti.

Food for the Hungry.  FH is a gospel-centered ministry with a holistic philosophy of relief and development, currently with first-responders coming from the Dominican Republic. FH is a nationally-recognized organization led by Ben Homan, a graduate of the University of Nebraska.

Partners in Health. PiH was originally founded by humanitarian Paul Farmer, is not a Christian organization, but a group that has done an incredible amount of good in Haiti for over twenty years now.

Medair. A Swiss disaster operations group that normally works outside of the Western Hemisphere; however, a representative of Medair writes, "...the suffering and needs in Haiti are so extreme that we must go outside our normal geographic area of focus and serve our neighbors in Haiti immediately." Pastor Mike Hsu has a dear friend Tabitha Kapic who works for Medair. Tabitha can be contacted at with questions.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sharon St. Germain Update (Jan. 20th)

Dear Friends,

An aftershock of a 6.1 magnitude hit Haiti this morning I'm awaiting news from Dony on what the situation is. ESMI is so thankful to many of you who will remain committed as Haiti walks this very difficult path.

Praise God for the response that is coming in. Two 20 ft truckload of food and water were purchased and crossed into Haiti from the DR yesterday. Thank you all for making this possible. We are also partnering with other ministries to get food into Haiti. Today at noon, God's willing, a 17-seater plane from the Bahamas will fly into PAP filled with food, medical supplies, and water.

Next is the distribution of food. Louis was organizing 30 people from the south to head to PAP yesterday. ESMI needs to secure vehicles, preferably dump trucks to go into different areas to do this. We are setting up stations in Petit Goave, Carrefour, Miragaone, and Grecier for now. These are areas that have suffered substantial damage also but have received little to no aid. We will work with the pastors of these communities.

Today will also be a day of more strategic planning on distribution and coordination of those desiring to help at this crucial time. Pray for wisdom. The plan is to have two sites to host Haitians and US teams: Croix des Bouquets and Carrefour. The orphans will be removed from the latter area and the home turned into a guesthouse for now. At the moment, there are 2 medical teams desiring to go tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday. Pray for the logistics to be worked out and to see if this is still possible after this 6.1 aftershock.

Suggestions for Packing Containers for Food and Clothing:

Some of you are already collecting food to send in containers once the ports in Haiti open. We'd like to offer the following suggestions as you do so.

FOOD-as you collect, please pack a number of food items for immediate consumption- biscuits, chips, sardine, tuna sandwich mix, canned sausage, lots of small bottles of water, malta drink (Haitians love this drink-Floridians check Publix), Boost or other nutritional drink, evaporated milk, cereal, etc. and of course, rice, black beans, red beans, oil, canned meat, spaghetti, enriched fine yellow cornmeal, bulgar wheat, baked beans, canned soup, tomato paste, salt, sugar, black pepper, food seasoning, spices, etc. These are just some of the items the Haitians enjoy food-wise.

CLOTHING-Please,please gently worn clothing and shoes.

TENTS- These are needed for temporary housing. Many, as you have seen, are sleeping in the streets with sheets as tents. We are also looking for large tents for churches to have their services. It rained yesterday in PAP. I leave the rest to your imagination.

To maximize the use of space in the containers, pack these items in boxes.

Again, we thank you for your prayers. We serve a sovereign God whose good purpose through all of this will one day be seen.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prayer Meeting: Thursdays in Feb, 7-8pm

A prayer meeting for our Haitian friends is running on Thursday nights from 7-8pm through Feb. Please join us in Grace Chapel's coffee house. The prayer meeting is open to anyone who wants to come.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Grace Chapel March Teams

Some have been asking about Grace Chapel’s group that has been planning to go to Haiti in March. We have 34 people comprising three teams, two medical, one nonmedical, that have been scheduled to travel to Haiti from March 23rd-30th. As of Jan. 18th, we received the recommendation from our Haitian contacts, that we stay the course with our plans to come in late March. This remains our plan.

Prayer Requests and Updates

Food for the Hungry reports on their website (Jan. 20th): "On Monday, January 18, all 26 FH-Haiti staff were confirmed alive. Twenty-one staff members met to share their stories on Monday. Many lost family members. One father lost two children, ages 18 and 3. Another lost 15 people who were living in his house. Yet another gave thanks that his four children survived after being buried in the rubble of his house. Many staff lost homes and are living on the street. Most are afraid to be indoors in case of another deadly tremor." Please continue to pray for these brothers and sisters who have endured so much.

PRAISE GOD! Ben Homan of Food for the Hungry writes (Jan. 19th), "ALL STAFF ACCOUNTED FOR. Let us give thanks to the Lord for the preservation of our staff. First off, we actually have 26 staff in Haiti. All of them are alive; only one has minor injuries to his legs. Amazing. Most of the staff have lost their homes entirely -- or in part. Most staff have lost loved ones and friends. They are grieving, even as they are serving to rescue and help others."

Scott and Kristin Heaton of Lincoln have been waiting a very long time (four years) and praying for their girls to be able to come from Haiti to Lincoln. The Nebraska Global Orphan Project reports today (Jan. 19th) that Bettania and Dieunette are coming home! Another praise! Praise God! See link to the right column.

The Global Orphan Project reports (Jan. 18th), “Last week, we asked for prayer for our field director’s son who was missing. We now know Jean-Marc (who would have turned nine on Jan. 17th) was killed when his school building collapsed in the quake…. from the rubble at Jean-Marc’s school, here are the verses Moise (Jean-Marc’s father) shared, ‘I will praise the Lord at all times; his praise is always on my lips. My whole being praises the Lord. The poor will hear and be glad. Glorify the Lord with me, and let us praise his name together. I asked the Lord for help, and he answered me. He saved me from all that I feared. Those who go to him for help are happy, and they are never disgraced. This poor man called, and the Lord heard him and saved him from all his troubles. The angel of the Lord camps around those who fear God, and he saves them’ (Psalm 34:1-7).”

Ben Homan (formerly of Lincoln) of Food for the Hungry writes (Jan. 16th), "Food for the Hungry's relief team is on the ground in Port-au-Prince responding to the devastating quake (note, however, that 12 of our 19 staff members who serve in Port-au-Prince are still missing). I would ask you to respond in prayer."

Bryan Becker writes (Jan. 15th), "Thank you for all your prayers concerning my aunt Fern. My mother received a text from her today, apparently she was about 100 mi outside of port-au-price when the quake hit, she said the orphanage she was at is leveled and they're currently staying in tents, sounds like many people in the area lost family. My mom will be talking with her on Skype tonight and ill let you know more as I do. Thank you again for your prayers."

Sharon St. Germain writes (Jan. 15th), "Thank you so much for your prayers. Just heard from Dony at 6:25pm. He's well. He was only able to talk very briefly. Situation is horrific with dead bodies on the ground and everything smells. People are sleeping on the streets. No water. No food. PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD! the pastor, the workers and the 106 orphans in Carrefour are fine. He passed also through Gonaives and the pastors and ministry there are well. THANK YOU LORD! ..... On a sad note, those of you who have been to Haiti may remember Esaie, another driver we would use with Nader. His wife died in the quake and Dony had to do the funeral yesterday. Continue to pray for his family and so many who have lost loved ones in this manner."

Dony St. Germain Update (Jan. 17th)

El Shaddai Ministries International, Inc.
13651 S. Biscayne River Drive
Miami, FL 33161

January 17, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Thank you for your prayers in such a difficult time as this for my people and my country. We, Louis and I, have sensed your prayers as we too are mourning the deaths of key leaders in our ministry. I lost 10 key leaders in PAP. One of these leaders died with his entire family.

Church, what you are seeing on the television, as difficult as it has been to watch, fails in comparison to what is really happening in Haiti. There are too many people who are still not getting the help they need, many are suffering. For example, the concentration of the relief so far is in PAP but there are a number of surrounding cities that have also suffered major damage that no one is addressing such as Jacmel, Miragoan, Leogan, and the list goes on. There are still aftershocks being felt. Two buildings that were standing and showed no signs of damage fell yesterday with people in them. We continue to be in desperate need of your help to minister. Ministry must not only be in PAP but also in the surrounding cities where many are returning. ESMI is already strategically based in some of these cities and sees this as an opportunity for future church plants and growth. However, at this time, the focus must be on the immediate needs.

These are the needs we must work on now:

1. Containers with Food Supply from the Dominican Republic (DR).

PAP was the main entrance of food for the entire country. They have run out. Soon the trickling effect into other cities will begin as these cities become overcrowded with people who have left PAP. We can get a 20ft container with $10,000 worth of food and transport it across for another $2,000. We need at least 20 of these right now. A team is already in place to do the purchasing and packing once the funds are received.

2. Food Containers from the US

Although rice, black beans, red beans, oil, canned meat, spaghetti, cornmeal, bulgar wheat, baked beans, canned soup, tomato paste are much needed items, other important items to pack are food for immediate consumption such as biscuits, tuna sandwich mix, canned sausage, lots of small bottles of water, etc., anything that does not have to be cooked. ESMI has the contact to have these containers cleared within 3 days in the DR.

3. Medical Team

Many, many people have not been treated for their injuries. Large numbers are sitting under sheets with swollen feet, arms, and face; untreated injuries with dried clots of blood; back injuries; some totally immobile because blocks fell on their backs or chest. Some are being fed by others that are too weak to feed themselves but it is only a matter of time before they are no more if no one sees them. The General Hospital is overcrowded, patients are outside waiting and the people are dying by the minute. This is just too much for the hospital to handle.

The Need:

i) Several mobile clinics with all the needed medical supplies to treat these patients in the different locations.

ii) Medical Team

We are ready right now to have medical teams come in to see patients. I have secured a clinic in the Croix de Bouquet area, 15-20 minutes outside of PAP. It is safe.

4. Tents for Churches and Homes

Most churches in PAP have collapsed but the body of Christ is very much alive. As the sun sets and night falls PAP becomes a city of worship. Singing is heard everywhere throughout the darkness. We need huge tents that can accommodate the thousands of church members, and smaller ones for those living on the streets until other housing is found.

Thank you once again for all your prayers and financial support that has come in these last few days. We still need your financial support to meet some of these immediate needs.

By God’s grace, I know we will prevail as His people.

In His Service,

Dony St. Germain
Haitian Ministries Coordinator

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sharon St. Germain Update (Jan. 16th)

Dear Friends,

We are on Day 4 of the aftereffects of the quake. Spoke with Dony late last night and received a few emails this morning.

Yesterday, he visited schools and hospitals in PAP. Did not go to the DR since C3 (Global Orphan Project) partners were already there. His words:

"One school has 350 children buried under it. Another nursing school, 100 students. No food. Day 4 without food and water in PAP. Interviewed a family that lost 12 people. PAP not a city that can be rebuilt easily. Hundreds and thousands of people sleeping on the streets. Some are sleeping in tents but there are not enough. If I could get some in the DR and take in...Everyone is seeing things differently, but you have to be here on the field. Visit to the hospitals-no antibiotics, no medication, not enough personnel to minister to the people. No gas in PAP. Need to purchase 2 huge containers to store for future. ESMI lost one of its vehicle. People are moving back to the provinces so ministry cannot only be in PAP but need to go to the villages to them too. Still a lot of areas without help. A lot of people still in need of help. We have identified a clinic twice bigger than the one in Cayes that we can use for the relief effort and use it as our headquarter. It also has a guesthouse where we can host at least 200 people so I have taken control of the facility."

Today's plan:

1. Louis will send 5 nurses and 1 doctor, possibly 2, to the above facility to begin doing some preliminary treatment until we can get medical teams organized from the US to come in. This is a big need: medical personnel and medical supplies to treat earthquake victims. The facility is in a safe place about 15 minutes outside of PAP. If you are interested in being a part of a medical team, please respond ASAP to

[Pastor Mike Hsu inserts, “I have already been in touch with Sharon St. Germain and ESMI on behalf of our medical groups planning to go in Haiti… I will pass on ESMI's response to our medical teams as soon as I receive new information, so there is not a need for individual Grace Chapel people from our March teams to respond to this request at this time. Keep praying and giving funds! (However, if you are reading this as medical personnel and not a part of the Grace Chapel medical teams that have been planning to go to Haiti in March and you feel led to use your medical knowledge to help the Haitians, then please do so!")]

2. Dony will head to St. Marc and the Gonaives area to buy up as much food as he can for storage

3. C3's trucks should be arriving today at a location about 3 hours from the DR border where the food will be stored and then distributed from.

4. Louis will also get staff from Cayes to manage this distribution center and will bring more, water and medical

Pray for these efforts today and for safety as one team travels from Les Cayes and another from the DR. Dony will need to return with whatever funds we can collect here. No banks are functioning in Haiti.

If you would like to send a contribution, please send to:

13651 S. Biscayne River Drive
Miami, FL 33161
or online:

Thanks to all who have already sent funds. Please know that 100% will go toward the relief effort.

Thanks too, to my friend, Susie Austin, who has been getting the word out to you via email. Thanks to Frantz St. Germain and Shane Hackett who have been posting the updates and at the same time working feverishly to get our website updated to make it functional during this relief effort.

May God continue to guide us and have mercy on His people.

With His Peace,

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sharon St. Germain Update (Jan. 15th)

"God is truly amazing! My God is truly amazing!"

Those words from a song are resounding in my mind as I write. Our C3 (Global Orphan Project) partners have been trying to get a hold of Dony and Louis as they hoped to meet in Port-au-Prince yesterday. Their plane, however, was not permitted to land and had to be diverted to Santo Domingo, DR. They were frustrated. Since they were in the DR, they thought of purchasing food and was able to contact a business woman who willingly helped with getting the vehicles. Were they ever encouraged to read update #3 that Dony was heading to the DR!! The next concern was how to connect with him.

God is AMAZING! They were able to do that this morning. C3 partners worked hard this morning in purchasing food, water, etc., packing the items and getting clearance to drive across. The plan is to meet up with Dony and DouDou who will organize the distribution from the Haiti end. Of course, the food will not be brought into PAP just like that. Food will be stored outside of PAP and brought in discretely.

Louis was in PAP yesterday with a Haitian team from the Les Cayes area. The 2 brothers have yet to meet.

Louis writes:

"I was at PAP yesterday, all day. We are going back tomorrow, Saturday. We brought food, water and medial supplies to Petion Ville. We rescued a young girl at Delmas 40. Brothers, it is unbelieveable and horrible, more than anyone could imagine. The distribution went well.

Indeed, there is no car rental at PAP. No gas is available so far. There is no food at the restaurants. Circulation is OK at some places. But the smell is horrible. It is windy and also the dust in the air makes it difficult to breathe. Tomorrow it may be challenging, because the smell will be worse. There are many bodies trapped in the collapsed buildings and they cannot get them out.

Everybody needs help. Mostly when they see strangers and the journalists, they will approach and start to ask repetitively for help. They need to survive and they are still under shock from the event.

At Brochette (Carrefour), our kids are OK. We carried water, food and clothing for them. We will bring more tomorrow. We will carry four hundred gallons of water for them to drink. In the next few days, water at PAP will be nonportable… Part of the front wall collapsed. The gate is damaged (bent), but the house is Okay and so are the kids. I was so happy to see them. They welcomed me warmly.”

Please check for current photos and videos from Louis. More will be posted today describing the drive from Les Cayes to PAP and what was seen and done yesterday in PAP.

On a sad note, those of you who have been to Haiti may remember Esaie, another driver we would use with Nader. His wife died in the quake and Dony had to do the funeral yesterday. Continue to pray for his family and so many who have lost loved ones in this manner.

Dony reports that many are returning to the provinces. There is now nothing for them in PAP.

Yes, there is a spirit of sadness and despair but thank God we can look to Him for hope, a hope that is eternal. We will continue to trust God to bring good out of this horrific situation. The Haitians are a resilient people, what says those who are firm believers in a Mighty God.

With His Peace,


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sharon St. Germain Update (Jan. 14th)

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your prayers. Just heard from Dony at 6:25pm. He's well. He was only able to talk very briefly. Situation is horrific with dead bodies on the ground and everything smells. People are sleeping on the streets. No water. No food.

PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD! the pastor, the workers and the 106 orphans in Carrefour are fine. He passed also through Gonaives and the pastors and ministry there are well. THANK YOU LORD!

What is needed immediately are monetary funds. With whatever funds he took down, he was able to help those around the airport area who have so graciously helped us when teams would come in, and others. He is making plans to return to the DR and buy supplies there-dry food items, water, etc. and drive those back to PAP. Pray for them as they will begin tonight.

Thank you, Father, for showing Your mercy continuously even in the midst of this indescribable devastation. Continue to pray for the many other organizations doing relief effort in these first few days which are always so crucial.

If you are able to help, please send funds to:

13651 S. Biscayne River Drive
Miami, FL 33161
Memo: Earthquake Relief

[Pastor Mike Hsu inserts into Sharon's update, "also, there is the online giving option in the right column where 100% of funds go to ESMI."]

In His Service,


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sharon St. Germain Update (Jan. 13th evening)

Dear Friends,

Got an email from Dony at 5:44pm. He should be in PAP in 3 hours, God's willing. His phone will no longer work. This is supposedly where DouDou will meet him. He was able to meet 2 men from a network station. Thank the Lord. They drove together from Santiago to the Haitian border.

The following is an email from Louis earlier today:

Update from Les Cayes,

This morning when we woke up, we thought we were in another country:

1. Every face has a sad appearance.
2. Since there is no news from people in PAP, everyone is crying.
3. Most of their businesses did not open today.
4. Market was closed.
5. Two buildings collapsed.
6. The people left their homes and stayed in the streets.
7. We can feel everywhere the spirit of unity.
8. Since PAP is the heart of the nation, people are wondering what tomorrow will look like.
9. Chantal, Pastor Chery's home was damaged.
10. Camp Perrin, about 15 minutes from Les Cayes, lots of people were injured also.
11. Maniche, a city about 20 minutes from Les Cayes was terribly hit. Huge cracks in the houses.
12. Yesterday afternoon, several students were afraid and jumped off from their school building and broke their arms and legs.
13. In the next few days, we will not have enough supplies in Les Cayes... Big Question..

May God Continue to Bless You.

Sincerely Yours,


Sharon St. Germain Update (Jan. 13th afternoon)

Dear Friends,

Your heart is breaking like ours as we listen to the news. This is just a very brief update of what we know.

Louis made contact with us yesterday evening via "ooVoo", internet phone. He and his family are shaken but fine. Thank the Lord. He emailed later to let us know that

-Maniche, a small town from Cambry had lots of damage,
-Chantal- Pastor Chery called to say he was fine but one of the walls in his home fell
-Jeremie- the construction workers there felt the shock
-Cassa Major-Pastor Clotaire called. He may have some damage but don't know the extent

So far, the orphans in the south seem to be fine. But we are still waiting to confirm this. We are also waiting to hear from all the other pastors in Gonaives and around Les Cayes as to their communities.

Dony left this morning. He'll fly to Santiago, DR, and drive into Haiti from Cap-Haitian and down into Port-au-Prince. God's willing he should be there tonight or early morning. His concern at this time are for the pastor, workers and the 106 orphans in Carrefour. The news is reporting this as the epicenter of the quake. Please pray that they are miraculously well. He'll try and keep us posted as much as possible.