Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Blog Title

When my wife Tanya and I get into a heated argument, I must admit I default to being a classic blame-shifter; Lord have mercy on Mike Hsu. While this isn't an argument, I will blame-shift here. My friend and co-pastor Ben Loos was to blame for my original blog title "Hsu Bloggy Blog." Recently my friend John Russnogle asked where my original blog title came from, and I responded "it's Ben Loos' fault!"  

In all seriousness, I told John that the reason I kept the title these last 3+ years is because I am a guy who tends to take himself too seriously, and that I always need some "goofiness" in my life, so that is why the blog title was preserved for so long. Well, John got me thinking that perhaps I should change the blog title to reflect a bit more the nature of the blog itself, so I did it. If you don't like the new title, it's John's fault!

"Eudaimonia" is a word from classical Greek that is generally attributed to Aristotle and means "human flourishing." When Jesus tells us in John 10:10 that He came that we might have "life to the full," that is eudaimonia. When Jeremiah tells the exiles to seek the peace and prosperity of the city (and pray for it), that is eudaimonia (Jer. 29:7). When the kings of the earth bring their glory to the heavenly city illumined by the glory of the Son, that is eudaimonia (Rev. 21:24). When the peoples of this earth know justice, goodness, forgiveness, reconciliation and the blessings of God that reach as far as curse is found, we will all know eudaimonia.


Matt said...

At least for now Google Reader is still calling it the "Hsu Bloggy Blog" :)

Mike Hsu said...

It's Ben Loos' fault!

Jonathan G said...

!!Beware to all friends of Mike!! Watch yourselves: you may be the next one thrown under the bus! And then where will your eudaimonia be?