Monday, August 23, 2010

Trey Summerlin Back!

Trey Summerlin is back in town after spending the summer in Haiti.  Trey just got back last Friday night.  We're looking forward hearing updates.  It sounds like a lot of ministry projects are moving forward at the site in Mirebalais.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Reforestation of Haiti

The planting of trees and the training up of the Haitian people in environmental stewardship is a big step towards bringing stability to Haiti.  "Reforestation training" is something the Lord can use.

Here's a recent Newsweek article on much of the problem and an opportunity for involvement here in Nebraska:

If evangelicals reading this are skeptical, I ask these questions: 1) is this the world the Lord made? 2) has the futility of this world come about because of human sin? 3) is the promise of the Gospel that sin has been put away (and is being put away) in Christ? and 4) doesn't God's creation await redemption in the same way as believers (Romans 8:20,21)?

If you answer "yes" to the four questions, then pray for success of initiatives like these.  While they may not be the "final answer," there is value to exploring questions regarding how Haitians might grow in their understanding of environmental stewardship.