Sunday, April 20, 2014

Grace Vancouver Sunrise Service on Granville Island

He is Risen!

Easter, the Center and Turning Point of History

"The resurrection of Jesus from the dead happened, and theologians can only deny its historical character by defining ‘history’ in such as way as to exclude it. That this definition has been common in all ages is natural, for if ‘history’ has a source and goal other than Jesus Christ, the resurrection cannot be an event in history. St. John’s Gospel is written in the faith that Jesus is indeed the word through whom all things were made, and in whom all truth is to be made manifest (John 16:12-15). The resurrection cannot be part of any history unless it is the center and turning point.”

-Lesslie Newbigin in The Light Has Come

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

"If Christ had died only a bodily death, it would have been ineffectual. No- it was expedient at the same time of him to undergo the severity of God's vengeance, to appease his wrath and satisfy his just judgment. For this reason, he must also grapple hand to hand with the armies of hell and the dread of everlasting death."

-John Calvin in Institutes of the Christian Religion, bk. 2, chapt. 16, sec. 10

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Skiing BC and Views from the Mountains

One of the great gifts of being in British Columbia is that we have access to downhill skiing nearby; I thoroughly enjoyed skiing the mountains of Colorado as a kid in Vail and Steamboat Springs and the last decade or so with our friends Rob and Carla in Beaver Creek and Keystone. I do find though that having mountains nearby makes the venture a bit more accessible and affordable: 1) the mountains are within 30-45 minutes from our home so when we are done skiing, we go home; 2) there is a Grade 4 and 5 program where kids skiing virtually for free (Isaac skied 3xs on the local Cypress Mtn., and we paid $10 total for his three lift tickets) and 3) similar to the case of skiing Colorado, so friends here offer great opportunities; last night I went up to Grouse Mountain with a friend to do some night skiing- I skied for free on a friend pass. Earlier this year, I stayed at a friend's condo while skiing Whistler-Blackcomb, a destination spot for avid skiers all around the world.

In addition to creating memories with my kids (especially through all the difficulty and grief of missing Nebraska), we were able to partake in some amazing views of BC, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here are some pictures through the season:

Isaac and his friend Isaac on Cypress Mtn.

Calvin with Isaac on Cypress Mtn.

Mike and Mia on Cypress Mtn.

The View of Howe Sound from the Top of Cypress Mtn.

Scene from Cypress Mtn.

Mike and Friend Wes Skiing Whistler-Blackcomb

The View from Whistler-Blackcomb

Calvin Enjoying Juice on Cypress Mtn.

Mike Enjoying Night Skiing on Grouse Mtn. (Vancouver in Background)

The Sun Setting on Grouse Mtn.

The Night View of Vancouver from Grouse Mtn.

Mike and Friend Peter Night Skiing on Grouse Mtn.