Monday, November 21, 2011

A Letter from Our Haitian RN Friend Marise to Gene Summerlin, Regarding Our Team

Dear Gene,

Hope that you had a safe trip back home. It's been a pleasure and a blessing meeting you and serving with you.

I did not have time to address the team, so on behalf of my haitian brothers/sisters, would you please express our thanks/gratitude to them at your post trip meeting.

I want to thank them for treating us with respect and dignity, always doing the right thing, taking the needed approach to ensure the right treatment, and maintaining their privacy. 

There was never any rush to care for any patient, every child/infant was carried and cuddled, tears dried, noses wiped. There was so much love felt. 

These  were delivered day or night by all the members of the team, no one was ever too tired to deliver what was needed to help.   

I saw every member of the team as God's several parts separated but equal working together to unite all those parts into one whole with the ultimate goal to reach his kingdom where there'll be no pain/suffering/distinction/the haves and the have nots, because what we do for them we really do for God.

I heard them saying that they saw Jesus and hope in those faces. It's awesome and so true because Jesus does not wear 3 piece suit and live in mansions.

I saw so much humility and compassion and love for us and it was sincere. 

Please thank them for us and convey this message to them.

May God continue to bless us, guide us.

May we never forget that all that we are and all that we have comes from God, so when we  give to others, and do for others we're really giving back to God.

Thank you again,


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