Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Some have asked about Gloria's story and how she went from giving birth to a child to being so sick, so here is a very abrieviated explanation:

Gloria and Chad delivered a baby named Karinna, as a result of preterm labor back in mid-Feb. Baby Karinna ended up spending around 100 days in NICU, progressed and got stronger. Karinna was able to go home at the end of May. However, Gloria had developed a terrible condition called interstitial lung disease, I believe the culprit behind Karinna’s preterm labor, a condition which causes severe scarring of the lungs and eventually shuts down the body entirely. I talked to Gloria on the phone last back in April and she seemed OK at the time but evidently the condition degenerated very quickly.

Tanya and I were surprised to learn just at the end of July that Gloria was in a fairly desperate situation and on life support. The doctors tried many things to save her life, for example they tried a trach procedure a week ago to try and get oxygen to Gloria, but her condition didn't allow for the procedure to be accomplished.

Gloria was a music minister at the same church her husband Chad serves as a pastor on. You can see descriptions of both of them at:

Thank you for your prayers and interest.

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