Friday, September 28, 2012

Sabbatical Start at a Prairie Festival!

After a very difficult summer, the elders of Grace Chapel granted me a sabbatical through the month of October. I'm very grateful for their care as well as the support of the Grace Chapel congregation. My sabbatical is focused really on three areas: 1) to spend quality time with my wife Tanya and kids; 2) to take retreat days to sit at the feet of Jesus and 3) to work on my doctoral work.

I launch the sabbatical today by traveling to Salina, KS with my wife Tanya for a two days, two nights Prairie Festival with The Land Institute.  Tanya and I don't know entirely what to expect, but one of my favorite authors, Wendell Berry, will be among the keynote speakers. I may do my doctoral work on some of Berry's writings. Tanya and I will get to sleep in a tent, enjoy some local music, local food, dance and hear about sustainability issues, i.e. "creation care" issues that I've written some about:

Prayers are appreciated!  Some have referred to this as a "hippie festival." I don't know if that is exactly good or bad, but I'm going into all of it with an open mind!

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