Friday, March 29, 2013


My good friend Deb Sheely sent this to me recently; it very much ministered to me.

I Hurt 
by Bart Breen

Sometimes the most difficult thing I can say is just, "I hurt."

I would much rather tell a long involved story explaining why I hurt, why I deserve to hurt, why my hurt is complex and profound and why my hurt is a part of what makes me a special and unique person.

Yet, the more I build up around my past to explain why I hurt, the longer I prolong my healing and make it a long drawn out process instead of just admitting that I hurt, that it doesn't matter why and go through the feelings and toward leaving that hurt behind in favor of being able to live in the moment and look forward to the future with a measure of hope and joy.

When I can just say, "I hurt" to myself and to others and then feel the pain and accept the help and care that is around me, then I can simplify my life, remove the artificial complications and enter into communion with fellow human beings whose story may be different but they hurt too. Even pain can be a blessing when I learn I can share it in this way.

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