Monday, October 28, 2013

Common Grace on The Eve of a Hallowed Day?

Like Easter through the years, in recent years, I have come to anticipate All Saints Day on Nov. 1st each year. As Tom Wright says in his remarkable book, Surprised by Hope, "The two appropriate times for remembering the Christian dead, and for doing so in a way that expresses genuine Christian hope, are Easter and All Saints Day." Among evangelical Protestants, this time of year does not receive much mention, short of referring to Oct. 31st as Reformation Day for a small company of Protestants among the Reformed and Lutheran traditions, who commemorate Martin Luther's pinning of the 95 Theses on the Wittenberg door in 1517. Perhaps there are good reasons and appropriate concerns from the Faithful regarding certain doctrines surrounding purgatory, etc.; however, it seems to me that to celebrate the triumph of Christ and His resurrection, ought to at least have an eye towards the brothers and sisters who have gone before us and now reign with Him (anyone read Heb. 11 and the beginning of Heb. 12 lately?) Well, so I found this video I thought to be quite good and share it with you:

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