Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Meditation, by Steven Garber

"A daddy and his daughter"

A daddy and his daughter, on Memorial Day—I awaken this morning remembering. The son and the grandson of men who served in the first wars of the 20th-century, now my son is in the Army of the 21st-century, deployed for a year to the Sinai Peninsula. A captain and a veterinarian, his work is to make sure that the food the troops eat is healthy; he has a master’s in public health too. And his baby daughter is here in Washington, just today moving out of their Capitol Hill condominium with her mommy. On Saturday she will make her first flight, joining her daddy in the Middle East for a couple of weeks—and then he will come back in July, be here for a month, and then the three of them will move to Sicily, for another tour but all together finally. So I sigh for them, am glad for them, and am proud of him.

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