Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Bible, A Nonreligious Book

"On the basis of biblical Christianity a rational discussion and consideration can take place, because it is fixed in the stuff of history. When Paul was asked whether Jesus was raised from the dead, he gave a completely nonreligious answer, in the twentieth-century sense. He said: 'There are almost 500 living witnesses; go and ask them!' This is the faith that involves the whole man, including his reason; it does not ask for a belief in the void. As the twentieth-century mentality would understand the concept of religion, the Bible is a nonreligious book," The God Who is There, pp. 69-70.

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Tom Clark said...

I think that many Modern sceptics dismiss the Bible because it is old, or can't be proved, etc. But this quotation really gets at the heart of the passed down nature of the Scriptures. Someone who was there and saw it wrote it down and told someone, who told someone, ...., who told me. There is a trust in the chain of witnesses, but we trust witnesses all the time. When we find that the truths of scripture resonate with truth in the world, or with archeological findings etc. then those things further strengthen our trust in the chain of witnesses.