Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mundane Things

Sometimes God grabs you when you are doing weekly, mundane things. I was writing the back of the bulletin for this Sunday's worship services at Grace Chapel, as Pastor Stu Kerns of our mother church, Zion, is coming as a guest speaker. I got teary-eyed thinking about how beautiful the Church universal is, so I thought I'd share with you the back of the bulletin for this Sunday:

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Grace Chapel this morning. We’re so glad you made it! Today we are able to hear from Pastor Stu Kerns of Zion Church. Pastor Kerns mentored me from 1998-2000 before Zion sent my wife Tanya and I to plant GC in the fall of 2000. Zion has continued to be a huge support to us over the years.

Recently, I’ve been struck by how interconnected and reliant we are on one another as the Body of Christ universal- what our “mother church” Zion does is of great importance to us as her flourishing means ours as well (and vice versa).  The same is true of our sister church Redeemer here in Lincoln with Pastor Tobey Brockman as well as our daughter church Grace Presbyterian in Fremont with Pastor Kyle McClellan as well as with all Christ-centered churches in Nebraska and the world.  How we engage and view one another as brothers and sisters in Christ is absolutely crucial to the Missio Dei (the Mission of God; see Jn. 13:34,25).  So how can I not invite you to rejoice as we hear from Pastor Kerns today?  Rejoice and receive Beloved!  Rejoice and receive!

We especially want to extend a special welcome for newcomers this morning. If this is your first Sunday, thank you for joining us in worship; we invite you to be a part of the story of God’s redeeming love here at Grace Chapel.


Mike Hsu

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