Friday, October 21, 2011

Sons, a Heritage from the Lord

My boys are good sons. My youngest Calvin (age 6) gave evidence the other day that he is not only a good boy, but also my son when he came home from school having drawn this picture (if anyone doesn't know, we live in Lincoln, NE where all my children have been born and raised). "Sons are a heritage from the Lord..." (Psalm  127:3). When Cal gave me his handiwork, I did think some about James K.A. Smith's book and the particular practices, i.e. liturgies, we participate in day in and day out that shape our hearts and values (our "social imaginaries" as Smith puts it). How else would Calvin have developed such a love for KU in such hostile territory :-)? There is the annual liturgical practice of getting ready for basketball season; Late Night in the Phog always happens in mid-October. There is the daily ritual of going to and following recruiting at Of course, there's the poor man's liturgical rhythm of "signing back up for cable" when basketball season arrives. My kids are always jazzed this time of year regarding the accompanying benefits of this type of liturgical rhythm; not only does dad get to watch basketball, but they get to watch the cartoon network!

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