Thursday, June 28, 2012

Colorado Wildfires (Updated)

Will Nuenke is a young man who goes to Grace Chapel. His parents, Doug and Pam, are friends from my home church in Lawrence, KS, Grace Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Currently, Doug is the president of the Navigators ministry in Colorado Springs and recently the Nuenkes had to evacuate their home; the Navigator retreat and camp locations Glenn Eyrie and Eagle Lake Camp are being threatened (if not already overcome) by the wildfires. Above is an interview with Doug on Fox News. Please be in prayer for the Nuenke family as well as the people impacted dramatically by the fires. Another friend who lives in Colorado Springs emails:

The effects of these fires will be felt for years, if not decades. It saddens me that my kids will never know the mountains around here like I knew them. I've been utterly amazed by the heroism of the firefighters. Many local firefighters here lost their homes while they were saving others'. Their incident command is near our office and we pass through their check point every day and see their tent camps and I can't imagine how they do it. The outpouring of support by the community here has been so heart warming and has made me proud.

Updated Portion: Will Nuenke texted me about an hour ago (it's almost 11am now), "Prayer, prayer prayer. We found out our home is gone because of the fire."

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