Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dr. Roy Taylor and Ecumenicity

I was encouraged by Dr. Roy Taylor signing and even helping to craft a document from a recent ecumenical summit. Dr. Taylor is the stated clerk of my denomination, the PCA. While I am deeply grateful for my denomination, I also have written a lot about the importance of unity in the broader Church across denominational lines. In a statement entitled "our common ground and common cause," leaders of various groups and denominations signed this joint statement:

“Even as we fully acknowledge the imperfections of Christian institutions and the broken nature of our collective witness to the world, we commit to strive together for a faithful way of being the Church together. Our hearts are burdened for the millions of our neighbors who are estranged from God and the Church.”  To read more: http://byfaithonline.com/christian-leaders-cross-denominational-lines/

I am so very encouraged for this effort on the part of one of the key leaders of my denomination. I am reminded of a statement of Lesslie Newbigin's, "I find myself driven back to the simple fact that Jesus prayed for the unity of the Church, that he still prays for it, and that that prayer cannot be forever denied” (Lesslie Newbigin in Unfinished Agendap. 250).

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