Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Remarkable First Day in Haiti

Wow. What a day. It turned out to be quite the day. We transported our 34 people from the PaP airport to the Wozo hotel in Mirebalais and then met up with a team of 18 others from Chicago. As the pictures reveal, first we ate together and then traveled to the GCA property where they are completing their Guest House as well as making plans to build an orphanage and clinic. The food distribution of GCA also takes place at the property. If you followed this blog back in Feb, you will recall that Gene Summerlin, Trey Summerlin, Chris Tran and I set up a crane and offloaded a container at the site. Tonight, we played with kids who had come out to the property and helped load supplies (food and building materials) back into a container in anticipation of a big rain. Man, did the rain come down. It's rain season in Haiti. We are all wet bigtime. It was quite the first day. Everyone is a little tired but in good spirits. Breakfast is at 7:30am tomorrow morning and then we are off and running. Thank you for your prayers! Mali (goodbye) for now!  


John said...

Mike, your post is the fourth hit on Google for "Wozo Hotel Haiti." :-)

Mike said...

Not many people looking to vacation to the Wozo in Mirebalais, Haiti, I guess :-).