Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wide Awake

The last two nights I have got up at 3am and 5am for travel. So here I am at 5am wide awake! And I've been stirring in bed since 4am! Some went to bed early last night. I went to bed around 9:30pm. Yet others stayed up even later. I think we are all excited to be here.

With the birthdays on our trip, some celebrated Ben Welstead, Susan Hays and Grace Bogner with cigars (Grace was celebrated "in spirit" since she is a minor). By the way, I once blogged about my motorcycle, cigars and other "taboo" subjects:

Over the years, I've been given some grief for certain practices I've carefully and, yes, prayerfully taken up. I even got an anonymous article mailed to my home a couple of months ago on the evils of cigars (this person crossed out one word in the article and wrote in "pastor" to let me know the article was supposed to be for me... really? Duh?! It was sent to my home with my name on it!). What was really disconcerting to me was that this individual had cut out letters from magazines and newspapers and pasted on my name and address (like you might imagine a kidnapper writing a "ransom letter" doing). It was freaky ... if I had his/her address, I would send a letter to him/her on the evils of hiding behind the cowardice veil of anonymity instead of addressing a brother face-to-face ... whoa! ... Big-time digression ... Wake-up Mike! Sorry ... I am awake NOW! Back to the things those of you reading this probably care about most...

Today after breakfast, we are planning to head to the New Jerusalem Orphanage for the Deaf and Mute. I am so excited. You can see the orphanage in this ten-minute video put out by GCA:

With extra funds that were given, we were able to 1) purchase sheets for the 45 kiddos, 2) pay for purchase and shipping of ten needed mattresses for the orphanage and 3) bring some wire to try and fix the coils on some of the beds (Rob Hemmer smuggled a wrench through customs! He he ... good job Rob!).

Pray for a day where we are able to serve, be flexible for the Lord and stay healthy. Thank you for everything!


john said...

Mike, I'm so glad you got the new telephone. Really enjoying the documentary photos. Keep them coming. Also enjoyed your past post about motorcycle riding. Got me thinking..... Blessings to you and the entire group! JR

Mike said...

Blessings John!