Thursday, September 8, 2011

Confessional Orthodoxy Lending to Darkness

I thought Lovelace’s insights on how the Enemy does his work in our part of the world, where there is little persecution and “freedom of religion,” were very insightful. Lovelace makes the contention that here in the West we tend to be subject to “milder forms of demonic attack” primarily in the way those "inside" the Church treat one another:  

This sort of quite opposition to renewal is not confined to the world, of course. It appears in its most mischievous forms within the church, where Christians of differing parties have their natural tendency to ignore and stereotype one another quietly reinforced by the real enemy. Those who have unintentionally become the bitterest opponents of renewal in the church have often been professing Christians usually either to the right or the left of live orthodoxy. Sometimes the opposition has come from both sides at once. Established confessional orthodoxy lends itself to the interests of darkness in these encounters whenever it accepts Satan’s estimate and mistakes a sound movement for a Trojan horse with attractive camouflage.  Dynamics, p. 258

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