Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Traditional Conservatism as a Way Forward

"Traditionalist conservatism represents a better form of politics, one that takes the faith of evangelicals seriously while also acknowledging the diversity of the United States and the significance of its form of government. It is on the side of much of what evangelicals want- strong families with parents determining what is best for their children, alternative forms of education that are not dominated by the state's monopoly on schools, respect for the ideals and institutions that have defined American society, and churches that enjoy freedom of worship, speech, and forms of governance. The stumbling block for evangelicals is that conservatism is not inherently or obviously biblical.

If conservatism's lack of an explicitly Christian foundation is troubling to born-again Protestants, another alternative might be to start from scratch and look for an order- say, Christendom or a religious establishment- capable of achieving what they want. But short of going back to medieval Europe or Christian England, or forward to the modern denominational state, conservatism offers a present-day alternative with plausible outlets in already existing institutions and schools of thought. Evangelicals should kick the tires of conservatism and give it a test drive. The ride, despite the potholes, stop signs, and traffic jams that inevitably come from the sinfulness and variety of human beings and their societies, may be just what they need to traverse the City of Man."

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