Friday, September 9, 2011

"Out of the Heart are the Issues of Life" -Edwards

"The form of orthodoxy against which (Jonathan) Edwards contended divided the human personality into three independent compartments- mind, will and emotions- and assumed that these could be rectified separately in redemption. The mind could be filled with correct information; the will could be directed toward good works; and- somewhat as an afterthought- 'devotion' cold be cultivated as an emotional frosting on the cake, if one cared for that sort of thing. Against this Edwards contended that all the faculties were rooted in the heart, the subconscious wellspring from which flow all the issues of life. He held that redemptive truth could not produce a genuine change in the mind, will or emotions unless it had entered the life through a work of the Holy Spirit which renewed and purified this wellspring, producing a new 'sense of the heart' which could energize the whole personality through the vision of God."

Dynamics, p. 277

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