Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Whole Gospel

"It is hard to imagine a sequence of events more comprehensive in effect than the story of the exodus presented to us in the book of that name. The texts portray at least four dimensions of the bondage that Israel suffered in Egypt- political, economic, social and spiritual- and goes on to show how God redeemed them in every one of these dimensions" (Christopher J.H. Wright, The Mission of God's People, p. 99).

"Political, economic, social, spiritual- all of these dimensions are integral to the Bible's first great act of redemption. God did whatever it would take to rescue Israel out of whatever form their bondage took" (Wright, p. 101).

"The New Testament presents the cross and resurrection of Jesus as the grand exodus par excellence- the crowning accomplishment of God's redeeming will and power, his victory over all powers, human and satanic, that oppose him and oppress his people" (Wright, p. 111).

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