Saturday, August 27, 2011

Picking Up Again Kidder's Book

I read Kidder's book Mountains Beyond Mountains a few years ago. The book documents the work of Dr. Paul Farmer, was a Pulitzer Prize winner, and I've been told is read at the university level at many institutions of higher learning. I thought I would take it up again for two reasons: 1) since early 2010, Grace Chapel shifted its ministry focus in Haiti to a region called Mirebalais; Farmer's work for almost thirty years now in Haiti has been centered in and around the town of Mirebalais, in the Central Plateau Region. It's been very fascinating to re-read Kidder's book, but now with a bit more familiarity with the geography, terrain, region, etc. of Mirebalais and 2) because I just finished Farmer's book Haiti: After the Earthquake.

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