Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Paul Farmer's Vision for Haiti by 2015

"Well before 2015, the public hospital in Mirebalais will have been completed and launched. This will come to pass in either scenario, I dare say. But in the brighter scenario, it came to fill a better role not simply as a teaching and referral hospital but also as a source of care for the large number of families coming to central Haiti to work in schools and healthcare institutions as well as in agricultural regions opened up by better roads, improved irrigation, and ready access to credit. Nonstate providers (from NGOs to religious groups) continue to furnish many of these services but are now doing so in a more coordinated manner, one that builds local capacity by training workers and by moving resources to where they are needed most. The medical center in Mirebalais, drawing on educators from North America and Cuba and the Haitian diaspora, has been training not only doctors and nurses but also a broad range of allied health professionals able to strengthen health systems throughout the country."

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